We believe our customers should have the choice to self-generate electricity for their own use, have the ability to provide excess energy to the distribution grid and be credited for that on their electric bill. 

On Dec. 3, 2015, the Mississippi Public Service Commission issued a final order in Docket No. 2011-AD-2, adopting its Mississippi Renewable Energy Net Metering Rule and Distributed Generation Interconnection Rule. Generally, these rules set out what is required for Entergy Mississippi, LLC customers to install and interconnect a distributed generation system (for example, rooftop solar) and participate in net metering.

On Aug. 4, 2016, the commission approved Entergy Mississippi’s net metering program, as explained in the Net Energy Metering Rider Schedule and related Interconnection Applications and Agreements. Entergy Mississippi began offering net metering to customers as of Aug. 29, 2016 (the beginning of September 2016 billing).

For more information about the requirements to participate in the net metering program or other non-net metering questions, see the relevant rules of the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

How to apply

To apply to participate in Entergy Mississippi’s net metering program, please choose one of the options below:

Send a scanned copy of the completed form to emisolar@entergy.com or return it to the address listed below:

Entergy Mississippi
Attention: Customer Service Support
P.O. Box 1640
Jackson, MS 39215-1640

Once your documentation is received and approved, the necessary changes to your account will be made in order for you to participate in our net metering program.


If you have any questions regarding Entergy Mississippi's net metering program, contact us here.